Christmas star for blogThis month I have opted to share a poem rather than my usual blog.  Whether you deem yourself a spiritual being or not, this time of year seems to elicit kindness, goodwill, patience and joy.  Peace is a precious commodity, and in painfully short quantity, yet the babe who came into the world two thousand years ago reminds us not only each year, but everyday, that it is the only way to achieve heaven on earth.  This New Year, let us intentionally work towards it. Let us make 2016 a year of acceptance and love. Let us attempt boldly to move away from our default reactions and move towards active listening in the hope of understanding each other to the fullest.  We are all starlight. We are all love. We are all one.  Dreams become thoughts; thoughts become action. If we can’t believe in miracles at this time of year, when can we?

I wish you and your kin a blessed and wondrous Christmas.  May your New Year bring contentment, prosperity, good health, a discovery, or re-discovery of your gifts and how they can be of service to others, and love.  And now. . . take a moment . . . sit back and enjoy the stillness of a “Winter’s Lullaby.”

 Winter’s Lullaby


Celestial spheres in heaven’s vault

Upon a burgeoning expanse

Do wink and glimmer

In gleaming hues ‘cross beryl skies

Surveying earth below


Sentinels from ancient times

Blink and twinkle in their beds

Observers of uncounted winters hushed

Dreamed of snow by incandescent moonlight kissed

Long before the world began.


Bare branches crackle in the wind

Slumbering yet cognizant in sleep

Birch amidst maple, evergreen and oak

Willows bend with moaning sighs

Yet must abide


Myrtle, sage and rye do weep

But greenest holly brings good cheer

And reddest berries blood the snow

On high a star which glistens bright

Awaits the hope who’ll come this night


Venerable pine be dismal not

Beauteous flakes shall dance for thee

And lay your children to their rest

Adorned with crowns of snowy white

Upon the hushed translucent ground


Gelid chants ‘cross woodlands whisk

Murmuring with icy breath

Peace ~

Be still . . .

All is well within this night


And o’er the hawkish steel blue lake

Where slates of silvery frosting lay

Cross snowy banks of virgin white

Reflected silken strands of light

Will luminesce


And oh what joy this canvas brings

This palette sparkling silver white

That’s painted every branch and bough

And swaddled tight with apron white

Winter’s cradle in the night


All is hushed save sandman’s jaunt

Whose dreams like fairy dust are cast

Across the chilled reticent night

Through quiescent tacit woodlands far

Over marsh and bog


Fox and rabbit, deer and mouse

All creatures veiled within the night

Beneath cerulean moonlit skies

By winter’s lullaby retire

Vexed not by sweeping algid winds


All earth in dormancy takes rest

Below the frost and snow and ice

As echoed sighs of somnolence

Abruptly cease on winter’s wing

When newborn babe’s first cry is heard


From far above the keepers smile

In splendorous heavens crisp and clear

As angels and mankind ally

To sing a carol yet unsung . . .

A brand new winter’s lullaby



Christmas 2015

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