CHAPTER 6 – Happy New Year

me-2-oppositeHappy New Year! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends doing all the things one loves to do around the season . . . church; gift giving; gift receiving; driving around the neighbourhood looking at the myriad lights and decorations; drinking egg-nog (without or without rum); and basically over-indulging and whatever else your particular traditions might be.

I myself spent pre-Christmas in Cuba with my husband and two kids. It was a much needed getaway for all of us, and we enjoyed the rest and relaxing immensely. Being in a warm, sunny place isn’t everyone’s cup of tea around this time of year, and usually I don’t like it much either, but somehow this year it fit! Perhaps it’s because I’ve had a “sunny” year.

As New Year’s Eve approaches, I usually look forward to kicking the old year’s ass oughta here, but not 2014.

I am deeply grateful for the many blessings 2014 brought. Apart from losing my 103 year old grandmother last January 5th, (and that was most certainly a blessing for her) the year went splendidly. I launched my new A Story Just For You web-site,, and took my creative talents farther than I ever thought possible. My husband and I launched our new “The Synergistics” web- site, and sang for many organizations this year, hopefully bringing some enjoyment to those who are in LTC facilities and retirement homes. It was also our distinct pleasure to have been asked to sing for one of our own church gatherings.

I participated in a “pay it forward” scenario which was way too much fun, and re-connected with folks I haven’t seen or really spoken to in over twenty years.

One of the most important blessings I received this year was reconnecting with my son. In that reconnection there was most certainly a healing for both of us. On a more painful note, I had a profound revelation from my daughter, and albeit painful, quite necessary to heal a part of our past as well. In both circumstances, I had to admit culpability; not easy for me, because as most of my family and friends know . . . I’m always right. It was quite shocking to discover that the two times I’ve been wrong have really left their mark! I must strive to be right more often this year! All kidding aside, even at 57, I continue to grow and evolve into the being I think I’m supposed to be!

What else am I striving for in this still pristine new year of 2015? Well, I continue to strive to make the world a better place, beginning with myself and my family. I want to continue to be open to new ways of thinking and being, and I know my kids will hold my feet to the fire on this one.

I want to continue helping others to live better, through organizations such as Water For Life; ACE (an organization that provides education and support for seniors in hospitals and LTC facilities); World Vision; The Salvation Army; Sleeping Children Around The World; and many other organizations just like them.

I want to continue to post messages of peace and love and more importantly, be an example of both. These are lofty goals I know, but if I don’t try to “be the change”, nothing will change. I know I will fail far more than I’ll succeed, but that’s no reason to stop trying.

I am committed to being a healthier me this year too. As I’ve aged, it has become more important to look after myself. Yup, the hips still hurt from time to time, and my knees have no more cartilage, but I’d like to stave off those replacements for as long as I can.

There will be other surprises this year too, one in particular that I’m not prepared to disclose to the universe just yet, but it knows . . .it knows.

So to all of you, those that may read my blogs, and those that don’t even know I exist, I wish you a very Happy New Year filled with good health, more moments of living in the present; an openness to the universe for enlightenment and fulfillment, and most importantly peace. I wish you peace.

May the love of our creator surround you and fill your spirit to overflowing. May that love flow forward, and may every pebble of kindness you drop in the water send ripples around the world. After all, it’s the only one we’ve got!

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “CHAPTER 6 – Happy New Year

  1. Irene Bobrowsky says:

    Hi Kim,
    Just wanted to congratulate “YOU”
    No need to list any details. As friends we already know without saying what’s understood. I’m proud and humbled by your friendship and even though we don’t see each other as often I don’t need to remind you that I hold you close to my heart always. Thank you for being in my life! Love the Blog!

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