2015-09-11 10.47.22I think most of us would say that in many ways, like Jews, we celebrate or at least acknowledge that September is a “new year.” While summer isn’t officially over, when the last formation of Snowbirds flies over the EX – it’s over!

School begins for many; whether it be JK, Junior High, High School or University/College, but even if we have been long out of the world of academia, September marks the beginning of routine; first days back at church, choirs, sport’s leagues, book clubs and any other programs that were placed on summer hiatus.

Personally, I’ve always looked forward to the resumption of schedules. Knowing exactly where I’ll be, doing what and when, is surprisingly comforting. I hear the shocked expletives from some of you even before I write the words – I’m ready for the oppressive heaviness of heat and humidity to be gone! I long to feel the coolness at dawn and dusk as it settles over the landscape. I want to don my little red felt jacket and breathe in the autumn air. Gone be the days of smoggy haze and sweating brow!

When I was a kid, it seemed as if Septembers were cooler than they are now. My daughter Taylor would say, “Mom, is that really true . . . did you check it out on Google Scholar, or are you just making shit up?” I might be making it up, but it’s still my perception nevertheless.

By summer’s end, I think I have a small taste of what retired folks complain about. The lines between work and play are uncomfortably blurred, and while “winging it” might be welcome sometimes, (like summer and holidays), it can get dreary. Again, I hear you, all you who are still slaving away, working for the man, but in some ways you might have the best of both worlds; scheduled weeks and unscheduled week-ends. Notice I said, “might.” At my age, there wouldn’t be anything that would entice me to go back to the grind, BUT when everyday feels like the one before it, a melancholy occurs. When there’s nothing to look forward to, well, it can get depressing.

It’s fun to relax for a while, but without purpose, one begins to feel usefulness slipping away. Then, you feel as if your days are running away. I ask myself quite often how I ever got to be 58? How did my life seem to catapult into fast forward without me even realizing it?

These days that are slipping away cause me to yearn for new beginnings. Brad says that everywhere I go, that’s where I want to be. He’s right! It’s exciting to be in new places doing new things. I call it NBS (new beginnings syndrome.) Even worse, it might mean renovating. Oh, how he hates to hear that word! I’ve been staring at my kitchen cupboards with much disdain over the past year; he knows it’s only a matter of time!

A routine is essential to good mental AND physical health. So . . . guess I’ve slacked off on my walking long enough – time to get back to it.

For all of you entering into “new beginnings,” I hope you feel refreshed, re-energized and excited to get back to it! I pray you encounter countless blessings and miracles along the way.

I especially want a shout out to Taylor who began Social Work school this year. Learning to think with your head is one aspect of life, now she’ll be moving into what I like to call the “heart world.” Put those two together, and you’ve got a very well rounded being. I’m proud of her! A special prayer also goes out to my son Matt, who is re-entering the scholastic scene. May your goals spur you on, son!

As for me, well, I’ve decided to continue my monthly blog, and I do in fact have a few things to look forward to this fall. I’ll keep you posted on that a little later.

People have been asking me of late if there will be any more books in my future; perhaps a sequel to “CROSS.” Frankly, I’ve been exploring the idea of a prequel, but it probably won’t happen this year, as I’m facing shoulder surgery. This year might bring the challenging task of learning to use my left hand and arm for everything – that’ll be new! As Gilda Radner used to say, “It’s always something!”

For the rest of us, whose days and nights are, well, not as structured, I pray for guidance in how best to spend our time wisely.

For those facing difficult tasks, my prayer for you would be to have focus, inspiration, motivation and some good old fashioned luck.

However this September has begun for you, may this fresh beginning bring peace, love, laughter, integrity and authenticity!

Happy New Year everyone!

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